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AFR is now out of beta and has launched their new site

This means the script needs to be updated as a subscribe/popup overlay now appears


Hi, I use Adblock Plus, but that syntax does not seem to work.

Thanks so much.

The articles work in Firefox and Chrome normal and incognito mode.

There is however a problem with the formatting though on both browsers when accessing premium articles.

The "Business Spectator" header is missing.

Images on right hand column missing

Images at bottom "More from Business Spectator" missing

"Print" and "Email" icons on left missing

Compare non-premium

vs Premium

Thank you.

Seems to work in both normal and incognito mode using both Firefox (Greasemonkey) and Chrome (Tampermonkey).

Further to this Chrome extension, my testing indicates that it works perfectly in Chrome "normal" mode, but when switching to "incognito mode", the overlay/redirection reappears.

Re: @jehan:

If you type the premium article headline in to Google, and access via Google, it does not get redirected to the overlay.

Perhaps they changed something with the cookies, I'm not sure exactly...

can you please test on firefox 29.01?
works perfectly on my own machine using firefox 31.
but my mothers work laptop runs firefox 29 and i dont have admin rights to update firefox to latest version or install chrome
articles are appearing blank on both herald sun and the australian (including both normal and premium articles)
have tried reinstalling script and emptying cache and cookies without success
thank you

Re: @jehan:

The problem was caused by the script NoPicAds.

It was strange as it was only appearing on Business Spectator, hence why I thought it was caused by yours.

Anyway the problem is now solved by disabling NoPicAds. Don't understand why it did that.

Using Firefox

Herald Sun says "No Cookies. To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser. To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below............."

The "News Corp" version loads fine.

The articles now seem to work but the annoying dialog box still keeps popping up on every article, including the main page.


I am using Google Chrome Dev Channel 37.0.2031.2 dev-m with Tampermonkey on Windows 7.

Perhaps try other premium articles on the site? A weird dialog pops up and the article does not appear.

Thanks for your help.