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Ok, thanks. I will tackle this script in the following days. "Programming" is for me like a rocket science at the moment.

but I want to it as script to work under domain.
I found solution as a separate page, but there is no searcher.

I mean sites from this company
tend to be pretty bloated up. Has anyone considered to make script to run them faster?

For example they very often asks you to install Android app (if you use desktop version). There is no way to shut down this message.

Thank in advance for any help.

Re: @trespassersW:
You really sure that Google still has not learned to translate from Russian to your Slavic language?

I am bit sadomasochistic. I don't like Google Translate. I still think they develop it mostly for any language-> English. I think for the rest languages this service isn't still so good (I mean for example Russian -> my native, slavic language).

My thought process is as follow:
The problem is that I can understand Russian language (when I hear it) up to 50%.
I am native of slavic, but latin (in letters) language.
So at the beginnig I want to have latin letters (from Russian).

I think 60% foreign students of Russian "resign" when they meet the Cyrillic (this different letters are the problem).

Thank for help anyway