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Greetings Steve!

Please pardon for the belated respond!

I have posted a question at CommaFeed.

Please help if you can.

Hey there! Thanks for the response.

CommaFeed provides some pretty good API documentation: /#/api.

Although, if you just want to be able to add a feed, you can redirect the user to rest/feed/subscribe?url=<url of the feed>(e.g. rest/feed/subscribe?url=



The userscript, now, has an option to select a type of online handler and also an instance.

The parameters are:

  • handler for type of online handler.
  • instance for URL.

The URL for CommaFeed is https://${instance}/rest/feed/subscribe?url=${location.href} though we might not want to bound people to a fixed pathname, as they migh have a special setup for pathname, so we either should let people to enter the complete path (i.e. or add a custom field for people who use gemini:// gopher:// or just plain http://.

Thank you for your feedback; I should have done this a long time ago.

I have added more settings, albeit most do not work yet.

And, as always, you are welcome to report issues and suggest improvements