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Summary: Native Feed Viewer. Render syndication web feeds (supports ActivityStreams, Atom, JSON Feed, OPML, RDF, RSS, RSS-in-JSON and SMF)




Copyright: 2023, Schimon Jehudah (http://schimon.i2p)

License: MIT;

The technology that Fortune 500 and Web Giants don't want you to know about. -- Alex James Anderson

📰 View news feeds inside the browser

Render syndication web feeds

This programs renders web feeds into readable and printable HTML file. It supports ActivityStream, Atom, JSON, RDF and RSS syndications.

If you are using LibreWolf, Waterfox, Firefox or SeaMonkey, please follow instructions in order to make the best use of this program.

What is a Web Syndication News Feed?

Syndication Feed is a mean for content and media publishers to reach a wider audience easily. It allows you to receive information directly without the going from site to site.

Essentially, a feed is a function that allows “Feed Readers” to access multiple websites automatically looking for new content and then posting the information about new content and updates to another website, mobile app or desktop software at the office.

Feeds provide a way for users to keep up with the latest news, events, package and delivery status information posted on different websites such as news sites, music sites, content sites (i.e. social networks), torrent indexers and podcasts in one spot.

Preview of The IFERS Forum (XML) (Static Preview)

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More Samples

Gajim XMPP Client (XML); view as PNG or PDF (with images)

BlackListed News (XML); view as PDF (text only)

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Falkon Browser

RSS Finder

Find RSS feeds on the website. This extension a button to toolbar and statusbar on which when you click the popup window with available feed will show up.

LibreWolf Browser

Feed Preview

Native handling of RSS and Atom feed reading using live bookmarks.


Restore RSS Feed Livemarks in Firefox.


Renders some rss feeds as html.


Preview RSS feeds in the browser.

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Restore some of RSS functionality which Firefox abandoned.

Chromium Browser


Indicate the availability of RSS or Atom feeds in the browser's URL bar and render a previews of feeds.

The RSS Aggregator

RSS reader like in the Opera browser.

Upcoming changes:

  • ToC: Toggle button/link;
  • ToC: Auto collaps when length exceeds N entries;
  • Provident Media Load "Lazy" (so-called) content media loader;

Falkon Designed for Falkon

Midori Browser Designed for Midori

Otter Browser Designed for Otter


Enable JSON

  • Navigate to about:config.
  • Set devtools.jsonview.enabled to false.

Enable Atom & RSS

  • Install Open in Browser
  • Import the following rules via extension preferences.
  "mime-mappings": {
    "application/atom+xml": "1text/plain",
    "application/rss+xml": "1text/plain",
    "application/rdf+xml": "1text/plain",
    "application/feed+json": "1text/plain",
    "application/x-atom+xml": "1text/plain",
    "application/x-rss+xml": "1text/plain",
    "application/x-rdf+xml": "1text/plain",
    "application/xml": "1text/plain",
    "text/xml": "1text/plain"
  "sniffed-mime-mappings": {
    "application/atom+xml": "1text/plain",
    "application/rss+xml": "1text/plain",
    "application/rdf+xml": "1text/plain",
    "application/feed+json": "1text/plain",
    "application/x-atom+xml": "1text/plain",
    "application/x-rss+xml": "1text/plain",
    "application/x-rdf+xml": "1text/plain",
    "application/xml": "1text/plain",
    "text/xml": "1text/plain"
  "text-nosniff": false,
  "octet-sniff-mime": true,
  "override-download-type": false

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