shuffyiosys / RPH Tools

Sort of like how some MUDs did text-based combat. Nothing really special or flashy, just something for people who like action-orientated RPs. And a way to keep god-modders and overpowered characters from taking the fun out of stuff. Pretty much just something that establishes a Hitpoints of some kind (Like HP: 50/50) and some generic attacks like "Light attack, Med attack, Heavy Attack" with timers (Like so many seconds before Lt Atk is avaible, more for Med Atk, even more for Hvy Atk) and however many damage points and sort of a random dice-roll-like account of whether or not it's successful.

RPer's could generate a post if they want. I think it would add a fun, game-like quality. And maybe something as simple as a user being defeated then 10 seconds before a reset of both. IF this could be done.