shuffyiosys / RPH Tools


Version: 3.1.3 updated

Summary: Adds extended settings to RPH

Copyright: (c)2014 shuffyiosys@github

License: MIT;

Installing RPH Tools

  1. You must have (one or the other)
  2. Install using one of these two methods:
    • Go to the Openuser JS site and click on the "Install" button on top to add the script.
    • Click on the "Source Code" tab and copy the source code, then...
      • In Greasemonkey, select "Add new script", enter some information then press OK, then paste the code in there. Make sure to save it and enable it.
      • In Tampermonkey, select "Add a new script", then paste the code in there. Press the save icon and enable it.
  3. Refresh RPH if you're on it already for the script to take effect.

To update

Go to the Openuser JS site and click on the "Install" button on top to update the script. This will overwrite the version you currently have.

If you are new to using RPH Tools, have a look at the user's manual.


  • Make sure you are using one version of this script. If you installed the other versions, they probably won't play nice with each other.
  • Refresh the page after installing. If you are on RPH and you install this script, then this is a must.
  • If your settings are out of whack...
    • Open up your browser's JavaScript console. In Firefox, either press F12 to bring up the developer's window and select the "Console" tab or go to Options > Developer > Web Console. In Chrome, either do CTRL (Command on Mac) + Shift + J or go to View > Developer > JavaScript Console.
    • Issue the command localStorage.removeItem('chatSettings'); to delete chat and PM settings or localStorage.removeItem('blockedUsers'); to delete blocked users.
    • Verify they have been deleted by issuing localStorage.getItem('chatSettings'); or localStorage.getItem('blockedUsers'); and seeing if the console posts null.

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