rhitakorrr / Habitica Tags: Level Up

This script has stopped working as of December 2021. When I try to download the script, OpenUserJS says there's an error. It also won't let me view the source code.

I think this in part has to do with the website rather than the code for the script (part of the problem is that the scripts don't have an updateURL in the metadata so it's yelling about being disallowed to see it because scripts require that line when the OpenUserJS site is on lockdown, which it is right now, and which is a state that this website can start or end at any time). I know that I'm having similar issues trying to see if my copy of the script this was forked from (Tags Always Visible), and I helped code part of that one and know that the script itself still works on Habitica.

I suppose the solution is to either wait out the lockdown (which ends "when it ends" according to the FAQ) or update the script(s) with an update URL. (I'd see what I can do with the Tags Always Visible one but I'd probably have to talk to Alys since I don't have edit access for a couple reasons and don't even know if my installed version is current.)