rhitakorrr / Habitica Tags: Level Up


Version: 1.1.0+1c6290f

Summary: Make tags always visible on the tasks page, hide challenge tags, activate groups of tags with one click, and make certain tags mutually exclusive with one another.

Copyright: 2019, rhitakorrr (JS - extended features) (https://openuserjs.org/users/rhitakorrr)

Copyright: 2019, Alys (JS) (https://openuserjs.org/users/Alys)

Copyright: 2019, Citrusella (CSS)

License: MIT

Habitica Tags: Level Up


This script is a fork of Alys's and Citrusella's Habitica Tags Always Visible userscript which forces the tags box on Habitica's task page to stay open. This fork introduces several new features and fixes to the original script.


All features are optional and configurable with JSON.

  • Hiding challenge tags. You may now hide the challenge tags to free up space in the tags box.
  • Auto-selecting tags. You may specify certain tags to automatically be selected whenever you load the tasks page.
  • Parent and child tags. You may specify parent-child relationships between tags so that whenever you select a child tag, its parent tag will automatically be selected as well.
  • Mutually exclusive tags. You may specify groups of tags which will never be selected together. Whenever one tag in an exclusive group is selected, all others will be toggled off.


  • Scroll position in the tag box is now maintained when mousing in or out of the tab box.


The first time you run the script on habitica.com, the script will download an empty configuration file. The script will work without further configuration (it will basically be no different than the original version). To configure the script to use the features mentioned above, you'll need to open Tampermonkey (whether this is the same with other userscript extensions, I haven't confirmed), click on the name of this script, and navigate to the Externals tab. Click the Edit button on that page, and modify the configuration as explained at the top of the configuration file.

I strongly suggest backing up your configuration as it will get overwritten if Tampermonkey ever pulls down an update to the script.

A Note On Tag Naming

Tag names in your configuration file must refer to the text content of the tag on Habitica's tasks page. Emoji syntax inside your tags (e.g. :sunny:) gets turned into images on Habitica, which this script will not see at all. For example, if you had a tag :sunny: morning, you would reference that in your configuration as just morning.

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