cuzi / Highlight OCH links

Would it be possible to use other key than [Esc]?
It is a too common key to use in a system while displaying a webpage, and if by doing that (pressing the [Esc] key) it will activate the search and check of all links in the webpage in display, meaning, and by default, checking 16 links at once with a limit of 1000, which most of the time is an unnecessarily provocation of CPU, Memory and Network bandwidth usage...

In my case, to process this, a different input, preferable in with a combination, it would be much convenient, and also, if there were an option for the right clicks, so to bring up and display a menu where you could have it listed, so to click and not even use a keyboard input at all.

Ex.: a combination of [Ctrl}+[:], or [Ctrl}+[/]; as it may be more prone not to interfere with other plug-in/add-on with a possible same key(s) (usually a Letter) combination(s).

Right click anywhere inside page display area of the browser and get the option listed as "Highlight OCH links" or any other command option title name.