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Version: 24.0+5248e2a updated

Summary: Link Checker. Hit escape to check whether one-click hoster links are online or offline. Press Esc + Shift to remove offline links



License: MIT

Link checker for one click hosters.

Press escape key on any website and the program will highlight all links and then check each link. Online links are green, offline red.
Press escape again to stop the process.
Press escape and shift to remove all offline links.

Per page a maximum of 1000 links will be checked. A maximum of 16 links will be checked in parallel. These values can easily be changed in the source code.

Supported Browsers
Firefox Firefox/Greasemonkey
Chrome Chrome/Tampermonkey (On first run, when asked you have to allow all domains for XHR)


  • Version 13
  • Support Greasemonkey version 4
  • Version 10
  • Added,,, Removed some offline hosters
  • Version 9
  • Added,,, katfile,
  • Version 8
  • No longer downloads large files. Maximum download size per link is 2 Megabytes. This can be changed in the source code.

Supported one-click hosters:

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