adisib / Youtube HD

Thanks for this addon, it allows me to get Youtube exactly in the format. It seems the auto resolution change is not working in Firefox 57. I have set the resolution options as such:

const changeResolution = true;
const targetRes = "highres";

But Youtube videos go to "Auto". Any ideas?

Thank you.

I don't know why I can't edit on this site, but here is the result of enabling debug mode and checking the console

YTHD | Setting Theater Mode
YTHD | Setting video player size
YTHD | Setting Theater Mode
YTHD | Setting video player size

So yeah, not hitting the debugLog("Setting Resolution..."); block

Thanks for mentioning it here as well, to make sure I see it. I primarily check greasyfork, as it is more active than here.

Unfortunately, the website is not currently allowing me to update the script here. You can grab the updated version from greasyfork in the meantime (or github at if you prefer).

I'll see about contacting the site about the issue, and hope I can get the fix out here as soon as possible.

The 503 error has been resolved, the new version is now pushed to here as well.