adisib / Youtube HD


Version: 2017.03.23 updated

Summary: Select a youtube resolution and resize the player.


License: MIT License (Expat)

Automatically play YouTube videos in desired resolution. The video player on the page can be automatically resized to take advantage of the higher resolution.

YouTube quality can be set to any YouTube supported resolution from 144p to 8k+ (but is 1080p for full HD by default). If the selected resolution is not available for a given video, the next best quality will be used.

If the option is enabled and YouTube is theater mode (and you are on the main YouTube website), the video box on screen will be resized to the size of the chosen resolution. A custom video player size can also be set to whatever you like, so you can maximize video space for your specific screen. A high resolution video will look better even in a small player due to YouTube being extremely stingy with bit-rates, so a high resolution with a custom size is recommended.

This script also has an option to guarantee the video resolution will be immediately set and not suddenly change at the beginning of the video.

The script is optimized to not waste resources, and does not use the JavaScript setInterval function unlike other scripts or extensions with the same functionality. It isn't bloated with other features. It just sets the video quality, and the video size to take advantage of that resolution.

This script is intended only for the YouTube website, and not videos embedded on other websites. However, there is experimental and unofficial support for embeds if enabled by changing the metadata to run on all websites and frames.

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