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Version: 4.2.6+00a6135 updated

Summary: BEST novel loader for your favorite Light Novel site! Works on Android & IOS!! Supports: (www.lightnovelworld.com, www.readlightnovel.org, readlightnovels.net, kisslightnovels.info, www.wuxiaworld.co, www.mywuxiaworld.com, novelonlinefull.com, www.novels.pl, novelfull.com, boxnovel.com, bestlightnovel.com, 888novel.com, fastnovel.net, www.wuxiaworld.com)

Copyright: 2020, XDHx86 (https://openuserjs.org/users/XDHx86)

License: MIT


Is it an application? A full web app? NO, IT'S A USERSCRIPT!

Read your favorite novel on your favorite novel site, With lots of features made to make reading a deadly addiction. Yes this is for you reading addicts.
Works on Windows, works Android and even works on IOS! Just download a browser supporting extensions and install a userscript loader, get back her and install this script and you're done. What more can you ask for??

Supports major Free Light Novel websites.

Reading addict 1: "I was having hard time reading my favorite light novels in peace with all these ads and visit this to read this and that. I was starting to lose it. But thankfully someone heard my whining and made this script for me. Also IT'S NOT AN ADDICTION!"
Reading addict 2: "I was using paper and pencil to keep track of my favorite novels and where I stopped reading, My family kept ridiculing me as a cave man, but I had no choice. Until one day I met my hero. He made this amazing script and saved my dignity. Thank you young man."

What are you waiting for? you keep missing this stuff with each second, ya know?


1. Supports Android and IOS.

2. Reading in fullscreen dedicated reader mode.

3. Keyboard shortcuts.
Keyboard shortcuts key binding (Customizable):

  • F - Read in full screen mode
  • S - Download Chapter
  • L - Dark Mode
  • "=" (Equal) - Increase font size
  • "-" (Minus) - Decrease font size
  • Arrow Right, D, N - Next chapter
  • Arrow Left, A, B - Prev chapter
  • Q - Auto scroll
  • E - Remove annoyances
  • "3" (Digit 3) - Show favorites

4. Save chapter as PDF.

5. Custom CSS.

6. Custom font family and size.

7. Scroll to last stop position.

8. Download all the chapters of the novel.

9. Dynamic Loading. (See notes)

10. Auto scroll.

11. Auto next chapter. (See notes)

12. Dark Mode.

13. Remove Annoyances. (See notes)

14. Auto & manual checking for updates for your favorite novel.

15. Favorites list aka library.

16. Word filtering & replacement.

17. Automatically Decensor words.

18. Backup & Restore.

19. Auto periodical backup.

20. Swipe gesture. (See notes)

21. Novel tracking.

22. Auto download new chapters.

23. Search all novel sites for a novel.

24. Auto light-dark mode based on your time-zone.

25. Migrate from one source to another.

26. Completely user-friendly interface. You don't have to mess with any code.



  • New minor features:
    • ِAuto fix LightNovelWorld links, you can restore a backup to fully recover from that. Please use NovelFull instead to avoid any problems like this in the future since this site is still in development


  • New minor features:
    • New decensor words function, basically remove the ugly (.) from words like w.h.a.t.e.v.e.r => whatever (See notes)
    • Auto fix Light Novel Pub links so you don't have to re-favorite them every time
    • Reworked auto update function instead of periodically to daily after a set time, then downloads updates if any (See notes)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed cancel download and cancel notification
    • Fixed a number of bugs
    • Fixed some bugs in the download function
    • Fixed LighNovelPub not working properly (Bruh this site has some vendetta against developers)
    • Probably added some bugs that I won't fix for a long time

v4.2.3 -- Hot-fix

  • New minor features:
    • Downloading from a novel that isn't in favorites now asks if you want to add it
  • Minor fixes & changes:


  • New minor features:
    • Now you can control line height and space between each paragraph
    • Using novel index now loads the chapter dynamically
    • You can now add HTML code in the Word Filter, such as "< BR >"
    • Added show favorites shortcut (Digit 3) and pressing it again closes it
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Updated novelfull.com novel index for faster fetch
    • Fixed bug in the auto check where it only checked first novel and ignored the rest


  • New major features:
  • New minor features:
    • Now styler checks the validity of CSS code before saving it
    • Added feedback button in the menu
  • Bug fixes:
    • Bug fixes and code improvements
    • Fixed bug where downloaded chapter contains incomprehensible words (Just filtered some non-ASCII characters, you can find them in the Rules)
    • Fixed bug where the styler didn't work
  • UI:
    • Updated styles


  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Fixed some critical bugs, sorry for the delay


  • New major features:
    • Save update time to auto check it for each novel individually (Available in favorites window)
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Bug fixes
    • Fixed annoying bug where websites CSS is displayed incorrectly sometimes
  • Under the hood:
    • Formatted and removed redundant code
    • Enhanced some core components


  • New minor features:
    • Cancel auto download, cancels auto download completely
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Added cancel current download and cancel auto download in Tampermonkey menu
    • Updated screenshots below
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug in novel index
    • Fixed bug in download and download canceling
  • Under the hood:
    • Updated error handling and warnings
    • Formatted and removed redundant code


  • New major features:
    • Chapter index menu, now you can view all chapters for the novel (Replaced download button in the side menu)
    • Added migrate function, now you can migrate from one source to another (See notes)
    • Added support for 888novel.com as requested. Want your favorite site supported? Send feedback!
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Favorites now shows current changes by reloading the pop-up, so you don't have to open only 1 tab to properly use it
    • Now manually backing up affects last backup date which in turn affects periodic backup
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug in fullscreen
    • Fixed bugs in notification
    • Fixed bugs in favorites
  • Under the hood:
    • Formatted and removed redundant code
    • Enhanced remove annoyances
    • Enhanced anti-bot detection function (Doesn't bypass anti-bot detection and never will, can only be done manually)


  • New minor features:
    • Added RegExp in word filter (Only with words)
    • Cancel current download or current check (Available in respective menu)
    • Press escape to exit reader mode
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bugs in novelfull & lightnovelpub where the script couldn't didn't display nor download the chapter correctly (Might still be buggy, if so please feedback through Tampermoneky menu)
    • Fixed bug in notifications
    • Fixed bug in filter
  • Under the hood:
    • Formatted and removed redundant code


  • Announcements:
    • Light Novel World: Since LNW changed its domain to lightnovelpub I accordingly changed the support for the site as well. Unfortunately you'll have to manually change the favorites, last read, and last downloaded. Currently working on a migrate function in case something similar happens again in the future
  • New major features:
  • Major fixes & changes:
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug in filter
    • Fixed bug in notifications
    • Fixed error cannot connect to Novel Full
    • Fixed bugs in retry function
  • Under the hood:
    • Updates styles


  • Announcements:
    • Check issues and notes before updating
  • New major features:
  • New minor features:
    • Check completed novels, allows checking completed novels (Off by default, available in the switches menu)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug while retrying to load chapter after failure, should retry properly without loading the same chapter again now
    • Fixed bug in search all novels, should be bug free now
    • Fixed bug in mobile CSS
    • Fixed bug in favorites
    • Fixed bug in auto download new chapters
    • Fixed bug in word filter where it didn't work on phone on ReadLightNovel
    • Fixed bugs in notifications, it won't get stuck at checking just one novel now
  • Under the hood:
    • Styles updates


  • New major features:
    • Last downloaded, basically separated last downloaded from last read (See notes)
  • New minor features:
    • Quick check, checks only specified novel for updates. Available in favorites list
    • Added feedback button in Tampermonkey menu
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug in dynamic light-dark mode (See notes)
    • Fixed bug in search all novels sites
    • Fixed issues when downloading from novels.pl


  • New major features:
    • Dynamic light-dark mode changes based on time, you can make it auto change in switches menu (See notes)
    • Periodical backup, you can decide the period in the Backup & Restore menu
  • New minor features:
    • Removed the confirmation on the auto download chapters, you can still enable it in the switches menu
    • Added escape shortcut on favorites list to close it
  • Major fixes & changes:
    • Removed max history, no limit to history now except for your imagination and your 9-yr old cousin with his mucky hands
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Bug fixes
  • Under the hood:
    • Updated styles and HTML code


  • New major features:
  • New minor features:
    • Retry loading next/prev chapter on fail
    • Now the script opens changelog on when updated. Hello there!
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Better support for cloudflare protection and anti-bots
    • Enhanced download function, now it should only give error when facing anti-bots
    • Now the script gives a warning before reloading or closing the page when it's checking updates or downloading chapters
    • Added warning when trying to load chapter while downloading from the same page
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where the script could only work on one page while checking or loading and a bunch of other bugs
    • Fixed errors when failing to check updates or download content


  • Announcements:
    • Currently debating which sites to support, so if you want to add your favorite site open an issue here!
  • New major features:
    • The script attempts to download new chapters if it finds any after checking (See notes)
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Fixed some bugs and updated the styles
    • As always added bugs to fix later
    • Updated screenshots down below


  • New major features:
    • Added retry function, now when the script fails checking a novel or downloading a chapter it retries (Only three times)
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Fixed the bugs added in the last update


  • New major features:
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Bug fixes
    • Added new bugs to fix later
  • Under the hood:
    • Updated styles


  • Major fixes & changes:
    • Removed support for boxnovel.com, bugs everywhere (Might be added again in the future when I have the time)
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Added warnings when trying to load chapter while checking updates and vice versa
    • Read Light Novel uses cloudflare protection, therefore added proper notes and errors when trying to load content dynamically
    • Since Light Novel World decided to rewrite some of their HTML, I had to rewrite some selectors. It works now
    • Bug fixes
    • Styles improvement & code enhancements


  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Bug fixes & styles updates
    • Fixed bug where soft keyboard didn't work on inputs


  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Bug fixes
    • Improved remove annoyances and word filtering functions


  • New major features:
    • Added support for Android and IOS
    • New feature: Swipe gesture (See notes)
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Bug fixes
  • Under the hood:
    • Styles updates


  • Major fixes & changes:
    • To prevent errors and bugs, added proper warnings and a function to prevent them. Specifically when loading next/previous chapters, downloading & checking for updates
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Bug fixes
  • Under the hood:
    • Styles updates


  • New minor features:
    • Added default reader mode (Dark or light)
    • Added auto scroll types: Page-like or continuous (See notes)
    • Now dynamic loading tells you which chapter you're currently reading
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Bug fixes


  • New major features:
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Fixed some bugs and enhanced some features, descriptions & notes
    • Improved some features: (Fullscreen, Styler, Remove annoyances)


  • New major features:
    • Added 3 new features (Notifications, Favorites, Backup & Restore)
    • Auto check updates periodically
  • Minor fixes & changes:
    • Updated notes in the script to make it easier to use
    • Added a new logo
    • Improved compatibility with jQuery (Who uses that in 2020??)
    • Bug fixes
  • Under the hood:
    • Updated styles


  • Major fixes & changes:
    • Rewritten the whole script and updated the styles
    • Now the script works on multiple sources living up to its name
    • Added new features and removed some (See notes)
    • Removed PdfMake and used jsPDF instead
    • Download now doesn't need to reload to continue downloading, only downloads PDF now
  • Bug fixes:
    • Custom font: Now it's fully customizable from google fonts
    • Auto scroll speed: Now works as it should
    • Auto resume from last stop: Supports multiple chapters instead of only one, and accurately measures where you stopped
    • Fullscreen reader: minor fix to enhance the promise function
    • Some settings fixed its CSS and functionality


  1. Dynamic loading: A feature for you people who just want to read in peace! Loads the chapter without reloading and going to & fro this and that page just to read. it removes all these mess to provide the best experience for you veteran readers (Or addicts).

  2. Auto next chapter: Does what it says but you'll need to adjust the time limit before automatically going to next chapter by adjusting it in the settings.

  3. Remove Annoyances: Remove EVERYTHING except the chapter content, for a distraction free experience.

  4. Auto scroll: Stops when you leave the page and continues when you're back, Also it stops upon leaving fullscreen reader mode. Please mind that it doesn't keep the screen active.

  5. Word filtering: Filter any word or whole lines that contains or equals the specified value, by replacing them with whatever you define or simply deleting them.

  6. Decensor words: Disabled by default, only works on words that includes (.) such as: (w.o.r.d), other words you'll have to replace them yourself, but at least it will save you a lot of time from adding every word you find.

  7. Swipe gesture: Scroll down and go to next chapter, nice and easy. Disables auto next chapter by default they can't work together. However, you can still auto go to next chapter by using auto scroll along with it. (Doesn't work with page-like scroll)

  8. Novel Tracking: Keep track of your favorite novel, no need to remember where you stopped last time anymore. Keeps tracks of last chapter read, last word read (last stop) in each chapter, and last downloaded chapter.

  9. History limit: Limits the "Last stop position" array to prevent bugs or overflowing. Basically ensures that history never exceeds this length.

  10. Auto check for updates: Checks for updates daily after specified time, and also checks for novels individually in the update time you defined in the favorites menu.

  11. Auto download updates: After checking (manually or auto) for chapters, the script attempts to download newly found chapters. It starts downloading the chapters after the last read one then records the last downloaded as last read. (It will always download the following chapters right after the last read chapter of the novel, whether new chapters found or not)

  12. Dynamic light-dark mode:

    • How it works:
    • All times are in 24-hour format
    • You must enable auto dynamic light-dark mode in the switches menu first
    • It overrides the default mode setting
    • If current hour is more than "Auto dark-mode" hour then it will switch to dark-mode
    • eg. if current hour is 20 (8 PM), auto dark-mode hour is 18 (6 PM). So (time > dark-mode hour) then it will switch to dark-mode
    • If current hour is less than "Auto dark-mode" hour AND more than "Auto light-mode" hour then it will switch to light-mode
    • eg. if current hour is 13 (1 PM), auto dark-mode hour is 18 (6 PM) and auto light-mode hour is 9 (9 AM). So (time < dark-mode hour and time > light-mode hour) then it will switch to light-mode
    • If any of the above conditions is not met then it will leave the current mode as is
    • You may say why so complicated, but I say why so personalized
  13. Last downloaded: Now the scripts uses last downloaded to auto download updates instead of last read. You can still use last read by switching it in the switches menu.

  14. Migrate:

    • How it works:
    • Click on migrate icon and select from the supported sites. The script will search for the novel on the specified source for the user to select
    • After selecting the novel, add it to favorites. FIRST novel added will be the target to migrate to - Whether it's already favored or not - and the script won't check for names
    • Migrating a novel doesn't delete the old one
    • Migrating a novel doesn't delete records of the old one but only adds the current records to the new source
  15. Update time: If auto check is enabled then upon adding update time to a novel the script auto checks this novel at the specified time daily. Auto check MUST be enabled for this to work.

  16. Having issues with last downloaded chapter? See issue here.

  17. Supports: Light Novel Pub, Read Light Novel, Read Light Novels, Kiss Light Novels, Wuxia World (Mirror), My Wuxia World, Novel Online Full, Novels, Novel Full, Box Novel, 888NOVEL, Fast Novel, Wuxia World (Official)


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