XDHx86 / Light Novel Loader

Last downloaded & last read

Each window has a separate last read and last downloaded record. To further elaborate let's imagine this scenario:

  1. You have page A and page B, both displaying different novels.
  2. You download both novel A from page A and novel B from page B, so now you have two simultaneous downloads in progress.
  3. If you open the favorites on both pages you'd find that: Page A displays wrong download record for novel B AND page B displaying wrong download record for novel A.
    This is not intended, however cannot be avoided. As it's just how Tampermonkey works.
    This could happen for last read chapter as well.

How to fix this

You should only open a single page when doing these steps.

  1. Go to the last chapter downloaded chapter on ONE PAGE ONLY and download the chapter again (Only this chapter)
  • If it's last read then just visit the link. (You can close it after the page loads)
  1. Close this page. Then repeat the process for the second novel.

This cannot be fixed and will remain as such, the only solution is mentioned above.