Spawner / Reslator - LNMTL Plugin

can you kindly advise step-by-step on how to install reslator for android?
I have tried using chrome, yandex and firefox but none of them support addons that can install userscripts.
Many thanks!

Yandex Browser with Protect v21.8.3 (Sep 27, 2021 Build 112) has "⋮ -> Settings -> Extension Catalog" which is where Violentmonkey (VM) and Tampermonkey (TM) get installed to for me at the moment. Last time I checked TM didn't install but now it does here.

Typically you go to the Chrome Store in Yandex Browser with Protect and install your choice of .user.js engine since Yandex browser is Chromium based. Only have one enabled at a time though.