Spawner / Reslator - LNMTL Plugin


Version: 1.2.95+25258ef updated

Summary: 6/1/2020, 1:51:50 PM

License: MIT

General Description

 This plugin gives the user a better and more responsive UI for reading and also brings the best translation possible by using different services.

   The available services :

     - Google ★★★✩✩
     - Alibaba ★★★★✩
     - Niutrans ★★★★★
     - AIDeep ★★★★★
     - Deepl ★★★★★

   Translation Speed :

     - Google : Fast
     - Alibaba : Medium
     - Niutrans : Fast     
     - AIDeep : Fast     
     - Deepl : Medium


 This plugin runs on both, desktop and mobile :

 Desktop :

     - Chrome : Very Good
     - Vivaldi : Very Good
     - Brave : Good     

 Mobile :

     - Yandex : Very Good
     - Kiwi : Good

 As for my recommendation, you can use chrome and Yandex respectively, for kiwi you may have some performance issues as it renders the page differently from Yandex.  

How it works?

 The first step to improve the translation is to use the highlighted words that are provided by lnmtl, this will give the translation a better consistency.

As for the translation services, they have two main parameters, chunk and the timeout, both are needed to bypass the API limit.

Developer Note

 Some will ask why did you use an iframe container? This plugin was intended to support multiple websites, so I'm using that approach to separate the main body with the plugin to have more control and less problems.

CSS code can be optimized a lot, I will have a time for it later.

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