LittleCrabby / Deezer Drop

Great script, thank you!

But can we get an option to download 320 or flac? Also would be great to get covers size 1200x1200 by default.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback! I will work on implementing FLAC as soon as possible. All other suggestions are also taken into consideration. I will report any news about script updates in this topic.

Re: @x2000:

a fork of this

Please use the "Submit Code as Fork" on the scripts Source Code page. Had you not mentioned it here and we received a flag of not using this fork mechanism (or seen it ourselves) we would be within the guidelines of the TOS to terminate your account.

I have manually fixed it. Please don't repeat however you did it the first time again. You must use the Submit Code as Fork option available on everyones Source Code page. All you needed to do was to change the @name before you click it to modify it for your account. Then it creates the fork on your account. Then you do the actual changes for FLAC support to the code base. It's not that difficult to figure out.

Thanks for your cooperation,
OUJS Admin