LittleCrabby / Deezer Drop


Version: 0.7.1+1edcab0 updated

Summary: Simple tracks and playlists downloader from Deezer

Copyright: 2018, LittleCrabby (

License: MIT

Deezer Drop

Simple script that provides the additional UI to download .mp3 files from Please note that this script was made only in educational purpose, do not use to get illegal content. Consider buying Deezer Premium Subscription.


First you need to install Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey extension to your web browser.

Install a script to the chosen extension. You can use "Install" button on the script page.


Script is pretty easy to use. New buttons will be added to Deezer pages. Use them to add tracks, playlist or album to download queue. You can see a progress by clicking Drop menu at the top right corner of page.


Bugs and suggestions can be submitted on the issues page

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