Fryuni / Use Croct experimental endpoints

Re: @Fryuni:

As far as Chromium/Chrome is concerned the @match syntax is standardized here. Both match pattern are definitely not listed there.

As far as Greasemonkey (GM) is concerned the latest change to the script and it's original broke the script because it is an invalid @match pattern. Tampermonkey (TM) allows it but it probably isn't working as expected.

Re: @chubby_cows:

Today the @match param is *, but this do not match URLs with path such as "". To fix, I suggest to use **/** that will both match "" and ""

As I stated to @Fryuni this is incorrect... however:

--- /scripts/Fryuni/Use_Croct_experimental_endpoints/source@0.3.0-beta2+0af881b
+++ /scripts/Fryuni/Use_Croct_experimental_endpoints/source
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
 // @updateURL
 // @downloadURL
 // @description  Plugs Croct with the experimental endpoints. Configurable with Ctrl+Alt+C.
-// @match        **/**
+// @match        *://*/*
 // @icon
 // @run-at       document-body
 // @require

... on the current source should do what you want.