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It looks like he wants some robux and he added his ref code to all urls that is a game page or profile

Re: @dfgsdfhfgh:

... he wants some robux ...


Target code(s):

"gameUrl": "/games/{ID}/view?rbxp=3659905",


"profileUrl": "/users/{ID}/profile?rbxp=3659905",
"groupUrl": "/My/Groups.aspx?gid={ID}&rbxp=3659905",


if ((location.href.indexOf("?rbxp=3659905") > -1) === false) {
 location.href = location.protocol + "//" + + location.pathname + "?rbxp=3659905";

@dfgsdfhfgh Cc: @ClockworkSquirrel
If this actually is adding value to someones account over there then this would be considered a TOS violation... taking money without user consent and notification, whether real or not, is not a good thing. However if it's just an ad requesting value then it gets in the grey area.

If you feel that this script is doing that please Flag it and explain it briefly but accurately in the text box that pops up here on OUJS.

I would suggest that you explain yourself to the fullest here on why you are doing this as I don't currently see it in the Userscript user-content area (Script Info).

Until then, at the very least, it will be down voted for not revealing what you are doing to your users.