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Version: 1.0.1+9854a4d updated

Summary: Adds a "Play Later" button to game pages.


License: MIT;

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"Play Later" is a ROBLOX extension which allows you to save games to play later. This works exactly the same as favouriting games; however, this extension provides a dedicated option for saving games, rather than cluttering your favourites. It works similarly to YouTube's "Watch Later" feature.

This extension requires a Trello account in order to store your playlist. You do not need any knowledge on how to use Trello; you must simply have an account. This extension will take care of setting up anything on Trello's side of things. Trello integration means you will be able to access this playlist from any computer running this extension, as long as you authorise the extension with the same Trello account. You can also manage your playlist from Trello itself, via the board which is created for you.

Your playlist can be found on the Home page, and will load directly above the "Blog News" section. From here you can visit games you've saved, or you can remove them using the remove icon to the right of the game. You can add games to your playlist via the "Play Later" button, which will load directly below the "Play" button found on game pages. See the screenshots below for examples.


Screenshots [Imgur]

Home Page Game Page
Home Page (Unauthorised) Home Page (Authorisation)

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