Artex / FA Hotkeys

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token [ error when ran. I've yet to find what '[' the error refers to, I'll probably start commenting code out until it doesn't error... just haven't gotten to it.

Works perfectly in Firefox, haven't tried other browsers. If you want support for your browser before I get to it myself I welcome anyone to fix it and post it here. I'll then update the script with the fix.

Problem #1: Chrome didn't support destructuring which I was using in my Map iterator.
Problem #2: Hotkeys are stored as key names (a,b,c, LeftArrow, etc.) which has become a headache of inconsistency between browsers, both by the means to get these names and what they actually are. I still have some inconsistent names (namely with arrow keys, `, -, +), but everything else works.