Artex / FA Hotkeys


Version: 1.6.4+6bb137b updated

Summary: hotkeys for furaffinity


License: MIT;


Adds keyboard shortcut/hotkeys to Furaffinity for convenient navigation of the website. Only supports the beta layout for now, unless there's a demand for classic. Although some hotkeys may still work in classic.

Current hotkeys

[ f ] - Favorite/unfavorite a submission
[ g ] - Resizes submission to fit within the dimension of your screen
[ LeftArrow ] - Navigate to previous submission or if in Browse/gallery/scraps goes to previous page number
[ RightArrow ] - Navigate to next submission or if in Browse/gallery/scraps goes to next page number
[q] - Check all submissions
[e] - remove checked submissions
[ 1 ] - Open settings menu (press key again to close)

The settings menu allows you to customize your hotkeys by clicking the text field and entering a key. Key combinations aren't supported yet. click outside of the text field to lock in the hotkey

Chrome users: currently you'll have to set the left and right navigation keys yourself in the settings menu to use them. I'll work on fixing this soon.

version 1.6.4

  • fixed broken hotkeys
  • some hotkeys have been made irrelevant and removed.
  • submission navigation still needs fixed
  • If I ever get around to improving this script I'm going to rewrite it because the code is kind of awful. I meant to just get it working then refactor, but that second thing didn't really happen.

version 1.6

  • updated script to work with recent site changes (3/2/2016)

version 1.5

  • Improved regex matching for page navigation in galleries
  • added hotkeys for selecting and removing submissions in the notification center.

Version 1.4

  • fixed favorites and full view toggle to work with new layout
  • full view no longer loads, that page no longer loads the full image. Instead the image is swapped with the full sized version. If working properly a loading animation should be visible to indicate the image is loading. This behavior is the same as clicking the image, minus the loading animation.
  • should ACTUALLY work in chrome now.
  • fixed logic error that wouldn't allow new users to save hotkeys. Not a clue when this error was introduced.

Version 1.3

  • Now works in chrome and presumably other Blink based browsers (still a little buggy).
  • [fixed] more than one action could be set to a key overwriting the previous action entirely.

If you have a suggestion or issue send me a note

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