Cant login in another OUJS account via FB, when it will be fixed? I need to update my scripts
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That dialog isn't anything that we generate and I don't think the dependency generates that either. So I'm not sure where that is coming from.

The only issue on that dependency that shows anything like this is at jaredhanson/passport-facebook#240. I'll leave a message there for that reporter (unfortunately they didn't say how they fixed it and not sure that person will respond) but we aren't in dev mode here... there would be a little "dev" next to OpenUserJS in the upper left corner if we were.

At some point I'll probably retry signing up for FB even though I have strong feelings against that site, etc. Last time I signed up for a test they started nagging me... ~"Are you still there", ~"We haven't seen you in a while", ~"We don't think you're there, you need to come here", ~"We're going to delete your account if you don't come here", etc. Has left a super bitter taste.

OUJS Admin

I don't know if this applies here as I have no idea how the FB login works but I have some general experience with the Facebook API:

FB will activate "development mode" for apps that have unresolved issues for example apps that no longer comply with FB's terms of service.
In that context "app" just means your Facebook API access and "development mode" means your API access got restricted to admin and test accounts.
Whoever created the facebook app would probably need to login on and see if there are any issues.

Re: @cuzi:

Whoever created the facebook app would probably need to login on and see if there are any issues.

That would @sizzle . I don't control the publishing of the API keys i.e. I don't own the accounts. The only one I own is the test on dev for GitLab but that's not on production since @sizzle would need to be the owner of it.

Thanks for the tips. Hope he's watching. In the times I've been here I haven't seen anyone with FB logged in yet so I'm guessing there is probably an issue.

So it took me forever but I finally got this to work by giving FB the info it now requires, due to policy changes, to use its developer API. Of course, it's really just a half-hearted attempt to shake its sketchy image. Something to point at and say they're doing something. I considered just leaving the FB auth dead, but decided I want to give those FB users a chance to switch their auth provider.