Would it be possible to get together a guide to help total newbies install userscripts? I am thinking of something that assumes zero previous knowledge, for people who don't already use Greasemonkey or similar. I want to write scripts that are useful for people who aren't geeks, and who use different browsers and hardware to me, but I don't want to have to write new installation instructions for each script, for every single browser.

I know there's a certain amount of documentation on places like Greasespot.net, but it's hard to navigate and if I am pointing my users at one single place to get my script, I don't want to have to point them at half a dozen different places for installation instructions. Most of the HOWTO guides I've found online are sketchy in detail, outdated, assume one particular browser, mention USO too often, or are covered with "Download now!" spam.

I think we would need to cover the following:

  • What are userscripts (in non-technical terms)
  • How to get hold of a decent browser if they're using IE.
  • Which userscript managers, if any, are required/available for each common browser (Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, Ninjakit, etc.).
  • Which of those add-ons currently work, and whether they have any obvious limitations (e.g. no cross-site XHR). Again, this needs to be in non-technical terms, e.g. "This add-on may not let you run scripts that claim to let you incorporate information from one website into another".
  • How to install the userscript manager.
  • How to install userscripts, either natively in a browser, or via a userscript manager.
  • How to update scripts (if this isn't automatic).
  • How to uninstall userscripts.
  • Simple fault finding (i.e. disabling scripts to check what is causing a problem; changing execution order).

Pictures would be good, and given the number of points I've just written, it might lend itself to a wiki format rather than a single page. Being able to edit collaboratively would help keep things up to date. I'd be very willing to contribute text for the platforms I'm familiar with.

Re: @JRI:

I really like your ideas and something like this needs to exist. I've created an issue. We do have a wiki if you'd like to get started now. I'm sure there are others, like myself, who would definitely contribute.

Re: @JRI:
Thanks. I appreciate any time you can spare (I added you to one of our teams on GH). It's a good start. I did a minor edit, but I should be able to do more tomorrow.

Re: @JRI:

Love this! Great to have a new perspective added to the fold. Welcome aboard. :)

Re: @JRI:
Thank you JRI, this is a awesome topic. I only know the basic of a few different languages and was kinda lost on where to start.