I'm having a little difficulty getting around... Has anyone created any documentation that would help orient scriptwrights who want to move scripts here from userscripts.org?

Not yet, sorry. But I suggest you put your scripts in a repo on GitHub and then go to this page and import your scripts. Follow the instructions to set up a webhook on that repo, so that your scripts stay in sync with your GH changes.


Learning GitHub looks to be beyond me right now, but I think if I want the ability to see past versions I will need to learn it sooner or later.


At minimum if you want to keep your diffs you can use this procedure:

  • Load uso - Count Issues
  • On the script homepage of USO enable archive mode in the preferences panel
  • Then you can backup the sid.vid (scriptid/versionid) with the "download" link that shows up on the Source Code page. There are additional options to include the detected date stamp and the sha1 hash from the meta.js routine by hovering over the date first, where it retrieves the meta.js for that version, if enabled
  • Create a repository on GH
  • Write a shell script (or cmd for Windoze or use PowerShell) to commit each version into your local cloned repository... or you can do this manually.
  • Push the local repository up to GH.
  • Voila! ;) Easy as... well not exactly easy... but doable.

Oh and...

  • Set Show inline Versions and Diffs on Source Code page on otherwise you won't get the sha1/date if ticked.