• ...did this to me (and OUJS)? ... The Steam OpenID authentication service over there.


  • ... did they do to me (and OUJS)? ... Earlier this month Steam changed how they send the authentication to our site.


  • does this affect me (and OUJS)? ... Their servers that authenticate you to use OUJS with this authentication method.


  • ...did they do this? ... Around April 5th, 2018 (this month).


  • ... did they do this (and to OUJS)? ... Going from HTTP to HTTPS.


  • ... does this affect me with my Steam login?

What this means in short is the following:

  1. We have a recovery routine in place.
  2. This recovery routine has a limited migration recovery time. We have set it to be tentatively removed from the source at or shortly thereafter the 1st of November, 2018 (depending on what we're doing that day... perhaps a few days later but don't rely on that and procrastinate. Hopefully another curve-ball won't be pitched between then and now).
  3. Once expiry of this authentication recovery happens anyone who hasn't logged in with their Steam authentication will lose access to that authentication method. Requests for any accounts that haven't been recovered will be denied as it takes too much coordination between one of us and the target user. e.g. the period allotted is automatic and at your earliest possible convenience. So please do it if you wish to keep the Steam authentication method.

As I have Steam as a test authentication method I am already recovered so the routine should be solid and well tested.

  • If you have multiple authentications, including Steam, please spend a moment to logout of your default authentication here on OUJS then login selecting Steam. This is a two fold process. One login is to migrate you. You will see in the tail end of the URL address bar ?retryauth in order to confirm. Then one more time to confirm to your own satisfaction that you are migrated. After that logout and then you can login, selecting your preferred authentication default if it is different, or visit your preferences to toggle it back.

  • If you have only Steam as your authentication all you have to do is login, then you'll see the ?retryauth and then login again for your confirmation.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read this. If you have further questions please let us know preferably at #1347 on Development.

P.S. This is similar to Google Authentication Deprecation announcement...so don't be locked out of your account beyond expiration of the recovery period. Sooner rather than later is a good thing. Ciao for now.

Okay migration for this fix is no more. Hope you didn't allow your account access to be orphaned with this auth.

Seems there is always some problems:
Difficulty to sing up (with another Username) / create a new account.
Always have an error message:
Too many requests."
Trying with different preferred services:

  • GitHub
  • Google
    I remember i was able to use Open Id before:
    It is gone ?
    that's the same..

Can only run this present account.

  • The captcha is always present...

I use an Autopager userscript.
With your site, i have after 2 pages loaded, this same error message:
Too many requests."

Can fix these problems ?