As some of you may know from following the Development link below google authentication is changing relatively soon. We've already put our feelers out for getting this fixed in our dependencies however there is some chatter, but not from our dependency developer, in the past several months.

As of the 28th of October, 2018 we disabled new Google authentications and only allow existing ones to authenticate. We are also awaiting the dependency to be updated and it could use votes and/or discussions at that dependency issue and PR. Obviously since I'm the backend VPS maintainer I can splice in the PR but that shouldn't be necessary nor is it wanted every time I update the site. e.g. This should be handled by the dependency not us. As a result...

It is strongly suggested that if you have google authentication only that you add a secondary one, under your preferences to avoid a repeat of Google Authentication Deprecation 1.0! e.g. if goo auth goes dead it goes dead until that peer dependency fixes it. I can't guarantee that existing goo accounts will continue to work either but we have done what we can within our workflow to hopefully avoid another goo fallout.

In the meantime we are watching this as a primary issue on our Development and when the goo deadline happens we'll see what fallout goo has done again this round.

Thanks for your continued patience.
OUJS Admin

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Tick tock... Thursday, the 7th of March, 2019 is the deadline.


Regarding your inquiry... you missed the window of opportunity especially with the original 1.0 deprecation announcement.

Read everything in this discussion and what it links to as well. Since you didn't leave me enough breadcrumbs to validate your old identity I can't merge you.

I would suggest on your new account that you mention something in your profile about your old one... although, again, nothing to validate the old account is actually yours.

OUJS Admin