tronix99 User

Hello Ricardo,

seems IMDB again has changed something on their page, because I am getting no highlights at the Title page anymore since a couple of days. Other pages seems still to work - Actor/Acress Page, Search, Coming soon...

I am currently running the latest version 1.45 on Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit, I tried Firefox 61 and Chrome 68, both with the same result.

Its not that a big deal for me, since I mainly uses your great script Searching and the Actor/Actress page, but I just wanted to let u know :)

As always, thank you so much for the script and the effort you are putting into maintain it (still after all these years).

Regards tronix

Works like a charm, as always :) Nearly 10 years, wow. And still supporting us with updates and fixes. Thanks man. Have a nice holiday.

I got in contact with Ric, he is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. Big thanks to him for
the great support :)

I can confirm, that IMDB did some changes to their list page. The scrip overlay buttons not showing up anymore.

Lets hope AltoRetrato (Ric) will have some time to fix it. This script is still so much helpful to me :)

Hi Ric,

I am using u re great scrip since years. Unfortunately something changed today, so that I get no title highlights on the movie page. All others highlights (main page, search etc.pp.) still working fine, so I guess IMDB changed something in the moviepage!?

Would be great if u can have a look into it.

Thanks for your help and that amazing script.