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I was wondering if someone could make a readme with clear steps how to setup OUJS in a development environment.

DoctorSnowman might be able to help with that since he also uses windows and was assigned to that issue I mentioned.

First off, jerone you are a "Founding Father" (high-level admin). You can remove anything (it goes to the graveyard). You can also go to flagged to see anything others have flagged and remove it. These thinks are on your profile.

Anyway, back to the topic. Yes we do need this. There is an issue for it on GitHub. My comment provides some info, but assumes you already know a lot about Node.js. Also when you run it locally there is a bash script ( that you'll need to run in a separate shell than the site to get user script hosting to work locally.

There we go. That way I don't have to worry about time zones.

Besides dates, we need time also...

Yeah I know. I was in a hurry. Presentation is today.

Provide some actual documentation for what this script actually does and what exactly it tries to test about GM_config.

I wonder why it's so satisfying to communicate using software I created...

Makes one think really deep and multiple proof readings before posting for sure.

Yes it does :)

I am missing your preview button from UCF though.

I'm missing selection quoting the most.

Still not able to sync my GH repo into here too. I know others have been able to but I don't think I did anything out of the ordinary.

Yeah, I have no idea why it's giving you trouble. I'll have to dive deeper into it when things slow down for me.

Anyhow... looking better all the time even with a few bumps. :)

Thanks. Right now working on a basic implementation of the issue tracker for scripts.

Well it's incrementing now, but the total is off for this discussion.

Just noticed the comment total wasn't updating. Should be fixed now.

I thought I'd be fitting if I made the first post.

Anyway, this feature still needs a lot of work. Currently you can't edit or delete your comments. You also can't vote on a comment or flag it (which also means they don't show up in Flagged or the Graveyard for those of you who are moderators).

However, notice that discussion have meaningful urls just like scripts and users. No incrementing numbers (except to resolve collisions) or random string of characters.