rmenessec Author

It's definitely not intended for mass use, but this might help you in the short term:

https://feed43.com/ (self-signed cert)

If you can provide a slightly less public way to contact you, you're welcome to the "edit" link for the custom feed I just created, so you can use it as an example. (It should track all new issues with this script.)

feedyes.com was looking promising until it failed to detect the second issue in the list. I may try it again later - I'd rather not have to write even very simple "code" to generate RSS feeds this trivial. You can find a few other sites like Feed43 / feedyes.com via https://alternativeto.net/

Re: @Marti:
Thanks for the update. Are there RSS/Atom feeds lurking anywhere that I could use?

Failing that, I know there are a few "web site to RSS" services out there; I've used Feed43 in the past with mixed results. Any suggestions there?

Thanks again!

Re: @Marti:
It's been a long time since I installed the original script, but I believe this is what I used originally, and have since modified for my own use.

As mentioned, I was unable to contact the original author. I posted the modified version only so that others could benefit from additional DRM terminology highlighting I've added.

No license of any kind was specified by the author originally. If you believe that it's acceptable for me to continue posting my modifications, the MIT license looks closest to CC0 and is OSI-approved.

How would you like me to proceed?

PS: I didn't receive a notification from your post. How can I ensure that I receive notifications? I'm logged in via OATH.

As of 2016.02.01, this script doesn't appear to run. The @include statement may be flawed; Greasemonkey reports no userscripts for the page.