rmenessec / Steam DRM Highlighter Revenant


Version: 1.7.0+4b0c969 updated

Summary: Highlight DRM-related words in Steam Store pages.

License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

This is a quick and dirty fork of the original "Steam Store highlight DRM words" userscript by "Denilson Sá." The script appears to have been abandoned some time before the big userscripts.org shutdown, and I was unable to contact the original author. Until or unless that happens, consider this the go-to replacement.

No slight or harm to the original author is intended. If s/he comes forward and asks me to take this down, I will of course do so.

I've been maintaining my own local copy for the last couple years before deciding to make it publicly available.

This script is very old. Contributions are welcome; especially in the areas of optimization, adding new DRM "flags" (words / phrases), and fixing any "under-blocking" or "over-blocking" issues. I've made a few changes in the areas of making the highlighting more accurate, adding publishers who are known to use 3rd-party DRM for all titles (Stardock...), and so forth. If someone with more experience would like to take over the maintenance of the script, that would be great, too.

Hopefully, this version of the script is a little more useful than the abandoned copy I started with. I've modified some of the original triggers and added new ones, so it should be a lot more accurate than it was two or four years ago.

Once again, all contributions would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to see this tool die.

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