rayman89 Author

Re: @Black_Sun:

Works perfectly now thanks. The only thing is that you should make the inclusions like this so that all the depositfiles domains are included. I know there is a way to include http and https on one line but I cant remember the syntax.

// @include        http://depositfiles.*/*/files/*
// @include        http://depositfiles.*/files/*
// @include        https://depositfiles.*/*/files/*
// @include        https://depositfiles.*/files/*
// @include        http://dfiles.*/*/files/*
// @include        http://dfiles.*/files/*
// @include        https://dfiles.*/*/files/*
// @include        https://dfiles.*/files/*

If you open one than more link the page will redirect you to depositfiles. org/files/(randomstuff)?limit=1 in that case the script will not work on the new page. I know that the script cant download a file if there's that limit but It would be nice if the script could "try again" to reach the link every x time so you can have the download when it's ready. If you can't/don't want to do that it would be nice specially for users that are not experienced enough if you could put the banner saying download limit click here to retry or something like that and that "here" links you to the proper page (without the ?limit=1 on it).

Mighty upload has captcha and the script trys to bypass the page and it keeps looping cause the captcha is missing.

Mediafire auto download feature is not working. The page loads but the script doesn't start the download for you. You have to click on the green button for it to start.