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Version: 0.3+563091c updated

Summary: Download Audio from Youtube in MP3


Copyright: 2017, Pedro Antônio

License: MIT;

[EN] - Download audio of whathever Youtube Video in MP3. Just load them and listen :). Remember to install Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome) to use this script

[PT] - Baixe o áudio de qualquer vídeo do Youtube em MP3. Apenas carregue e ouça ;). Lembre-se de instalar o Greasemonkey (Firefox) ou Tampermonkey (Chrome) para usar este script

[ES] - Descarga el audio de cualquier vídeo de Youtube en MP3. Sólo cargue y escuche;).Recuerde instalar Greasemonkey (Firefox) o Tampermonkey (Chrome) para usar este script

Just click in Download ;)

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