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Re: @sizzle:
is there a way I can make sure of this? I tried lowering the version at my script and refreshing to see if it would increment back up again to no avail..

Heya. I'm having a bit of trouble understanding how one script self-updates; Can anyone explain it to me? (searches on google made me even more confused)

This stuff's awesome but, for the love of god, could anyone please make a "change your profile name" feature? I'm asking this because I was dumb enough to make my nickname my email \o/

@Sizzle no biggies, but I wonder.. How on earth did you manage to forget that? XD
I'll just wait some time for that particular feature :)

Hey Marti; Yes, that's the one. No, i had to copy-paste it here to put it up.
What I get is this each time I press the "find scripts in github"

Also, is there a way for me (or you guys) to change my username? Having my email as username kinda sucks xD [it was my mistake btw]

Hey fellas, sorry if This shouldn't be here but i'm in quite a hurry; I was trying to add a script I have through github and for some reason it said to me that the socket was closed. I tried it a couple of times only to have the same result