memnoch Author

Re: @Marti:

Best to ask questions like these on development... but as far as my last check probably not. Google is making rash changes as of late and they continually break things but my account last check worked fine.

Your google account can currently be used as a login authentication? When I goto preferences and click it, it comes back like a redirect, not having set it, and stays with the authentication scheme I already had set.

Can we have an option to turn the covers view off so it's just a normal listing again, but with the other options?

Re: @Marti:
Is OAuth2 active yet? I haven't been able to make google my default authentication (yes I logged in and used it before 04/20). Also, are you going to be using Google Sign-In?

Just curious, because it looks like you were going to migrate, even though it doesn't seem to want to play as default... Thanks!