gaspar_schot Author

GM_setValue is localStorage, unfortunately, so the script won't have access to the settings on local pages, which was my primary use case. I think it would be confusing to have the settings work on web pages but not locally.

But I think there could be an "Export Settings" menu item, with possibility of adding a default path to the settings file in the script and using an XMLHttpRequest to read it every time the script is loaded. Not sure how soon I can get to that, however -- my development time will be limited for the next few weeks.

At present, all the sorting is just the browser default; the script does not do any sorting on its own. Different browsers handle this in different ways. I note that the Chrome (Vivaldi) default is to put dirs at top, but Firefox just alphabetizes everything. There could be OS differences, too. A preferred sort setting should be possible however, but I'm not sure I want to dive into adding other sort functions to the script just yet. Perhaps in a later version.

BTW, thanks for all your great input!

This isn't possible, at least if you want the script to work on local files. I really wanted this as well, but it's not possible for user_scripts to use the browser's localStorage or to set cookies from local files. Perhaps there's a way to export them from the script as JSON or something....

Thanks very much! In all my testing, I somehow never came across this situation, but I am able to reproduce it. (I also noticed that the Image/Font grid hovered menu needs fixing for dark mode.) I'll post a new version in the next few days.

Yes, I noticed that too (it's noted in the version notes). I did experiment with hiding the current iframe before loading the next content, but that was worse. I have a feeling that using a user_style to apply the dark mode would prevent this, but I will continue to look for an in-script solution.

I have no way of testing on Linux, but I've added a potential fix to the code for the next version. Let me know if it works.

I'm assuming these are non-Latin characters? Do non-Latin characters display correctly elsewhere?

Thanks, I'd forgotten about this, since I was using a separate user_style to invert text colors in dark mode. Using a user_style offers better control over text color display, since text (or html) files are displayed in an iFrame, which the script can't interact with. I can invert the iFrame, which is a coarse solution, since html files will have all their colors inverted as well. But I'll look at it again.

Interesting idea. The current sorting by name, date, or size is just the default browser behavior. I'll look into this.