gaspar_schot / Supercharged Local Directory File Browser

Your script looks very useful however I seem to be having some trouble. I changed "link_name':'My Directory Link 1', 'link':'file:///Path/To/My/Directory/" to reflect my own, first trying with the root directory and moving onto my Home directory nd then an individual directory within my Pictures directory, none of which worked. I still get the standard view. Although, I only changed the last past of your example by adding my own "Path-To", I left everything else as is bc I figured not much else mattered aside from the path-to bit...

I also noticed further down something that said ext2, ext3 while my FS is BTRFS so I'm not sure if maybe that's the issue, that BTRFS isn't supported? Either way, I tried adding it to that section but no changes were seen. I still have the standard and frankly useless index view.

Here's hoping you can shed some light.

PS - if it isn't clear from some of the above context, I run Linux as my OS. Specifically an Arch-based distro called Garuda Linux that, as mentioned, uses BTRFS as its file system