gaspar_schot / Supercharged Local Directory File Browser

Your script looks very useful however I seem to be having some trouble. I changed "link_name':'My Directory Link 1', 'link':'file:///Path/To/My/Directory/" to reflect my own, first trying with the root directory and moving onto my Home directory nd then an individual directory within my Pictures directory, none of which worked. I still get the standard view. Although, I only changed the last past of your example by adding my own "Path-To", I left everything else as is bc I figured not much else mattered aside from the path-to bit...

I also noticed further down something that said ext2, ext3 while my FS is BTRFS so I'm not sure if maybe that's the issue, that BTRFS isn't supported? Either way, I tried adding it to that section but no changes were seen. I still have the standard and frankly useless index view.

Here's hoping you can shed some light.

PS - if it isn't clear from some of the above context, I run Linux as my OS. Specifically an Arch-based distro called Garuda Linux that, as mentioned, uses BTRFS as its file system

Apologies for this long-delayed response.

I have removed the bookmark menu item because being hard-coded, the added links are removed whenever the script is updated. I suggest simply using regular browser bookmarks.

As for BTRFS, I have no way of testing it, but I think that if your browser otherwise works on your local filesystem, the script should work as well. Let me know if you are able (or have been able) to get it to work.