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So far I haven't seen any new sponsored posts on my end. I will close this issue. If you encounter sponsored posts, please share them in a new issue with (screenshot of the) source code of the "Sponsored" text.

The new version 1.12 also removes Paid Partnerships and adds few more options to remove in the source code.

TODO: Remove sponsored posts where "Sponsored" is inner text:

enter image description here

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

I noticed this also on my feed.

I added one more case of the removal of the sponsored posts, I am not sure if this would cover them all:

You try the new version and let me know if you see sponsored posts. If you do, please share (a screenshot of) the source code of the HTML element around the "Sponsored" words.

Re: @Marti:

GM_config lacks the following features, a regular user might want:

  • Ability to open and change the options without reloading the page.
  • Do not show the options every time when the page is loaded (refreshed), only when the user explicitly decides to.

I think a better alternative solution would be if the options could be accessed through the Violentmonkey extenesion popup. Then they will be always active, and when the user decide to change them he can do so.

Is it possible to add options to the script that the user can activate and deactivate and thus change the script execution?

Some user might not like some features of a script and thus they would be able to deactivate them.

If it is not possible now, are there any plans to add such a feature?