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YT+ will not support the new design. A new extension is being created from scratch just for the new design.

Closing this for now, if you still need help please follow the instructions provided above.

Hello halcion, sorry for the long delay but I receive no notifications from OpenUserJS.

It would help if you could provide more information such as which Browser and version are you using, what Operating system this is happening.

Re: @Aeren:
I will assume that the issue is as I described so I will close this issue. If it was not the case then let me know.

Re: @Aeren:
Sorry to hear that. It doesn't work in fullscreen for me only when I use the flash player in Firefox, if I use the HTML5 player or Chrome it works even in fullscreen.

Are you also experiencing the same as I with the flash player?

Currently the preview box in the script info maker works correctly with base64 images, such as this one

<img src="

However, when the user submits the script description containing base64 images the website looses the source, returning simply an empty <img> element.

This image method is not appropriate for big images, but for small images it works really well and prevents the need for users to host their own images somehwere where the connection might not be https (causing the browser to show an insecure connection warning when visiting OpenUserJS; this one is a perfect example of that Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek) or risking the image to die, or its link to change for some reason.