Farow Moderator

Unlikely, that change was there before it was downvoted. The more likely reason is that people got pissed cause the update broke the script for them and they'd have to change the source again to make it work.


And that would actually break the script for Greasemonkey 4.0+ users. If you feel that this script is "insecure" feel free to remove it.

Maybe if you're running scripts with sensitive data on websites you don't trust. Don't quite see the point of hiding a username variable when you end up sending it to the server anyway.

Seems like Chrome doesn't quite support the let keyword yet. Enabling the experimental javascript features in chrome://flags seems to be creating some other issue.

New version shouldn't have any infinite redirect loops.

Wouldn't you have to reset the username in sessionStorage? The way I see it once it says that you have to log in manually, it will never try to log in again.