Dexmaster Author

To @Marti

Thanks for suggestion! I just haven't read about markdown at all, sorry, I'll try using it from now on )).

To @sizzle

No. I refuse to modify a script in any way. If you're a script author you should know how to modify the metadata directly. I'm not going to hold your hand.

Yeah, yeah sure. Don't be mad, it's only a suggestion. Just saying.

At least you could add standard Metadata Userscript template to a "new script" page.

Anthony suggests that we not use them, and actually somewhat regrets their existence since updating should "just work".

Sorry just saying, because it better to know update source, but I see that update really "just work". I never knew such functionality existed.

Also the problem begins if a person downloaded a script or imported it or just plainly copied it from other PC (just saying).

I really don't want to host images.

You don't need to host them. I'm suggesting to at least add fields for configuring script meta block ( title/description/version/author ) and to show what's already in script after the upload.

We have .meta.js, it just isn't on the same path like US.o. Example:

Could you automatically add .meta.js (as updateURL) and .user.js (as installURL) to script code or at least show users created URLS.

I'll also suggest to add a vote and report or spam buttons, to fix a lot of bad stuff that are problematic at

And in possible future also add screenshots/icons/stuff update for every script??
Also Why do you only create .user.js and not .meta.js
meta.js is better for bandwidth and version checks...

Oh I found edit mode, I think it would be good to have some user menu or dashboard on every page.

Oh I found I can fork script but I can't create new ones ??

Also I was talking about buttons in general the don't look too good *(think about it metallic buttons on white background with grayish page body)

Hi Guys, I'm looking from time to time on your project and it looks promising.

I'm as a simple scriptwriter don't see where do I create scripts or upload them?? *(or is dashboard still under construction??)

P.S. Also install script button is dull it's better to use more color there or restyle it a bit.

P.P.S. Great Job and Good Luck!