valacar / Pinterest - Remove Unwanted Pins


Version: 0.5.4+be04c49 updated

Summary: Remove unwanted pins on Pinterest, like "Promoted", "Sponsored", "Picked for you"

License: MIT

Attempts to hide/remove these types of pins:

  • promoted
  • sponsored
  • ideas for you
  • topics for you
  • fresh ideas
  • commerce pins (the ones that show a price range in US dollars)
  • videos (they're almost always ads)
  • carousels (cycles through pictures of general topics)
  • and some general ads

To remove "picked for you" pins, go to your Pinterest profile settings, and turn them off.

Extra notes:

  • This script is not configurable.
  • This script is not optimized.
  • Removed pins leave behind a "hole"
  • English language is required to work properly.

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