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var input = document.getElementById("gbqfq");
var input_value = input.value;
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The Author has been notified... if there isn't a response in a few days I'll resync it manually. There's no guarantee that the webhook is enabled though on GH unless this author states that it is... that is out of my control. This is why it's good to make sure sources match to prevent misunderstandings. I always do double checks just to be on the overly cautious side myself. We had one point over on nodejitsu where things really got messed up from them and that's one of the reasons why we aren't there any more. :)

OUJS Admin

Admin closed since the author responded and did re-import... when this author gets around to another update it will confirm if the GH webhook is properly configured over there... if it is ever out of sync please open a new issue and let us know.

All down votes here have been reset... try out the newer, non-version bumped, version please.