trupf / ViewTube_GM

Works very well with Firefox but with Chrome it doesn't. It always ask to install Quicktime (Sic !) in Auto, HTML5 and every format I chose.

Re: @Noruas:
It does work in Chrome under Linux and it most probably also does under Windows. Please check which plugin you have selected in the second drop down list (Auto/HTML5/VLC...). You may select HTML5 if no video plugin (such as Quicktime or VLC) is installed in your browser. But the intention of the script is exactly to give you the possibility of using such a plugin as they usually have a much better performance than Adobe Flash or the browser (HTML5).
Please be aware that plugins like VLC or Quicktime will also only work till Sept. 15 in Chrome as Google is phasing out NPAPI support. After this date you can only use the script with HTML5 in current Chrome.