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Version: 19.04.02+66dcdfe updated

Summary: Translates selected text into a `tooltip' via Google translate


Copyright: trespassersW

License: MIT

babelfish tooltip

Select word or phrase with Alt key pressed -
then hover over an icon below the selection.
Almost instantly you will see a tooltip with the translation.


   Please look more closely at the picture below:

Also, you can translate selected text using Greasemonkey menu:
ToolsGreasemonkeyUser Script tooltip
or through bookmarlets --
  any → french::   javascript:postMessage('tgtooltip auto|fr','\*')
  中国 → english::   javascript:postMessage('tgtooltip zh-CN|en','\*')
either by the means of Custom buttons --
  русский → español :: content.postMessage('tgtooltip#ru/es','\*')
Sample bookmarklets and custombuttons can be found here
  • 19.04.02 [*] TTS in detected language
  • 18.11.30 [*] changes in GT API
  • 18.01.15 [+] TTS buttons for source and translation
  • 17.12.31 [!!] NOT working in Firefox 57 + Greasemonkey 4! Use Tampermonkey
  • 17.03.11 [+] keep text formatting
  • 16.10.26 [+] phonetic transcription
  • 16.09.01 [+] previous translation button; option for left/right tooltip position;
  • 16.08.16 [+] Word Definition is shown when source_language == target_language
    bookmarklet::   javascript:postMessage('tgtooltip en|en','\*')
    Custom button: content.postMessage('tgtooltip en|en','*')

  • v3.7.2 2015-04-20 * TTS: alt-select text inside tooltip and [shift/ctrl]-click language icon below.
    tts tips
  • v2016.01.16.1 + alternative translation

Script uses Country flag   images   from Flags of all Countries
This script is a distant descendant of lazyttrick's Google Translator Tooltip

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