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Version: 16.03.04+a3ac635 updated

Summary: Sets up keyboard shortcuts for placing bookmarks and navigation inside webpage.


License: MIT

You can save current position in displayed webpage using shortcuts Shift-Alt-0‥9;   later, you may return to saved position by pressing Alt -0‥9.   Markers created in this way are kept in browser's persistent memory and they will be restored next time you open the page.  



  • Before jumping to marker the script stores the current page position, so you can get back by pressing Alt-minus (that on the right of zero.)
  • When you open webpage the script tries to restore previously saved position #0
  • Positions are calculated in screen's pixels, so if you alter zoom factor, or text column width, or something else, markers may become invalid :(
  • You can change script's keyboard shortcuts using GreaseMonkey menu:
    User Script CommandsY-marker hotkeys

    (I use Win key - it seems working on any site.)
  • press Alt-Shift-0   twice to set starting Y-position for any page in the whole domain
  • click on pop-up message at top-right corner to remove all markers for current webpage.  
  • you can control the script through bookmarklets:
      - jump to bookmark #0:
      - set up bookmark #0:


16.03.04 * bookmarklets work in Chrome

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