tobyxdd / Bread


Version: 1.0.5+96aebc7 updated

Summary: Bread (Bionic Reading) - Read text faster & easier

License: MIT

Libraries Used

Bread - an open-source Bionic Reading userscript implementation


Configurable options:

  • Minimum word length - the minimum length of a word to be "bionified"
  • Minimum text length - the minimum length of a paragraph to be "bionified"
  • Bold ratio - the percentage of letters in each word that will be bolded
  • Process dynamically loaded content - whether to process dynamically loaded content (may cause performance issues)

Use the "Configuration" menu option (or Ctrl+B if your script manager doesn't support menu) to open the configuration dialog.

Tested on Tampermonkey and Violentmonkey.

For more info, check out

This script is tested to work with most websites in alphabetic languages (English, German, Russian, etc.). If you run into any problems, please report by creating an issue.

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