thomas-ashcraft / Alienware Arena helper

Your script killed website.
Need simple Wait command between all spam actions. It's highly recommended to set random time interval, so that the users can select interval between two values in milliseconds. It's also recommended to set pause (yes, with a user-defined value) before moving to the next page of comments and split Vote on Content / Vote on This or That actions

Re: @AlienwareArena:
Cant see how exactly only few parallel incoming vote requests can kill website. This is should be designed behavior on a multi-user scale. If only backend cant manage that behavior in exactly single-user scale.

But if you are related to the administration of Alienware Arena and know something - let me know, I will cooperate gladly and will make all improvements to avoid unnecessary load to website.

In the end I dont want to make any damage to Alienware Arena website, this script written with only wish to make users life little bit easier.

Re: @AlienwareArena:
Also "This or That" and "Content" voting functions are totally separate. I just did not forbid their simultaneous start.

But as I said - if you are releated to the Alienware Arena administration and its backend and know what we dont know - write me PM on the website to easily prove it and I will immediately implement anything you want to avoid any possible problems for the website or its users.