shuffyiosys / RPH Log Extractor


Version: 1.0.1+3f443d5 updated

Summary: Extracts logs from RPH.

Copyright: (c)2021 shuffyiosys@github

License: MIT

RPH Log Extractor

RPH Log Extractor is a tool to pull the user's locally stored PM logs for backing up.

How to Install and Update

Installing RPH Tools

  • You must have a userscript extension installed. Tampermonkey is recommended for this
  • Install using one of these two methods:
    • Go to the Openuser JS site and click on the "Install" button on top to add the script.
    • Click on the "Source Code" tab and copy the source code, then in Tampermonkey, select "Add a new script", then paste the code in there. Press the save icon and enable it.
  • Refresh RPH if you're on it already for the script to take effect.

To update

Go to the Openuser JS site and click on the "Install" button on top to update the script. This will overwrite the version you currently have.

How to Use

  1. On RPH, open the options dialog using the ⚙ button
  2. On the left pane, click on the "Extractor" label under the "Log Extractor" header
  3. Click on the "Get logs" button. It may take a while depending on how big your logs have gotten
  4. Select one of your user names under the "Your names" drop down
  5. Select one of the names this user name interacted with in the "Other namese" drop down
  6. The text should populate below. Clicking on the "Copy log to clipboard" button will save you the trouble of highlighting and pressing CTRL + C (it copies the context as plain text to your clip board, you just have to paste it somewhere)

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