shuffyiosys / RPH Log Extractor


Version: 0.0.1+23d38eb updated

Summary: Extracts logs from RPH's indexeddb page.

Copyright: (c)2014 shuffyiosys@github

License: MIT;

This script extracts locally stored PM logs from RPH using the site's IndexedDB engine page.

#How to Install and Update

Installing RPH Log Extractor

  1. You must have (one or the other)
  2. For Google Chrome users: Google Chrome by default does not allow installation of custom user scripts unless you either bypass it or they're on the Chrome store. To bypass this, follow these instructions (that's a link).
  3. If you have a previous version, you should remove it.
  4. Then...
    • Click on the "Install" button on top to add the script or...
    • Click on the "Source Code" tab and copy the source code, then...
      • In Greasemonkey, select "Add new script", enter some information then press OK, then paste the code in there. Make sure to save it and enable it.
      • In Tampermonkey, select "Add a new script", then paste the code in there. Press the save icon and enable it.
  5. Refresh RPH if you're on it already for the script to take effect.

##To update
Just press the "install" button. This will overwrite the version you currently have.

#How to Use

  1. Go to
  2. If the connection to the log database is successful, the "Grab Logs" button will enable
  3. Press the "Grab Logs" and it'll say "Working..." and disable.
  4. This process could take several minutes depending on how many log entries you have. You can go do something else while this works (note that your browser's performance may suffer a bit). When it's done, it will pop up with an alert notifying such.
  5. The top box should be populated with numerical indexes. Click on each one to populate the larger box with the log.


  • RPH's API is not available on that web page, so the indexes are not able to identify who the PM is for.
  • This script cannot access local file storage, you will have to manually copy and paste any logs you wish to save in plaintext.
  • RPH's logs are stored locally per machine, not on the server. If you wiped your machine at some point, you will have lost the logs before then.

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